Vol 57 (2018)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alexander Gelbukh 3-4


Comparing the Black Hole and the Soccer League Competition Algorithms Solving the Set Covering Problem PDF
Adrián Jaramillo, Álvaro Gómez, Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Fernando Paredes, Carlos Castro 5-17
Exploration, Exploitation Phenomena and Regression Analysis: Propensity Metric, Anomaly Reduction, Dimensionality Reduction PDF
Chaman Lal Sabharwal 19-37
Simple and Effective Feature Based Sentiment Analysis on Product Reviews using Domain Specific Sentiment Scores PDF
Nachiappan Chockalingam 39-43
One Sense per Discourse Heuristic for Improving Precision of WSD Methods based on Lexical Intersections with the Context PDF
Grigori Sidorov, Francisco Viveros-Jiménez 45-50
TrazasBP: A Framework for Business Process Models Discovery Based on Execution Cases PDF
Hugo Ordoñez, Armando Ordóñez, Victor Buchelli, Carlos Cobos 51-57
Unsupervised Domain Ontology Learning from Text PDF
V. Sree Harissh, M. Vignesh, U. Kodaikkaavirinaadan, T. V. Geetha 59-66
GeCaP: Unit Testing Case Generation from Java Source Code PDF
D. Larrosa, P. Fernandez, M. Delgado 67-73
Naïve Screw Nut Classifier Based on Hu's Moment Invariants and Minimum Distance PDF
Antonio Alarcón-Paredes, Roberto Contreras-Garibay, Gustavo Adolfo Alonso-Silverio, Eric Rodríguez-Peralta 75-80
Recommender System for Tourist Itineraries Based on Aspects Extraction from Reviews Corpora PDF
Liliya Volkova, Elena Yagunova, Ekaterina Pronoza, Alexandra Maslennikova, Danil Bliznuk, Margarita Tokareva, Ali Abdullaev 81-88
Building an Information Extraction and Question Answering Model for Text Based on the Human Brain Process PDF
F. A. K. Hemant 89-92
Journal Information and Instructions for Authors PDF

ISSN: 2395-8618