Vol 52 (2015)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alexander Gelbukh 3-4


A Completeness of Metrics for Topological Relations in 3D Qualitative Spatial Reasoning PDF
Chaman L. Sabharwal, Jennifer L. Leopold 5-15
EMiner: A Tool for Selecting Classification Algorithms and Optimal Parameters PDF
Rayrone Zirtany Nunes Marques, Luciano Reis Coutinho, Tiago Bonini Borchartt, Samyr Béliche Vale, Francisco José da Silva e Silva 17-24
An Approach towards Semi-automated Biomedical Literature Curation and Enrichment for a Major Biological Database PDF
Fabio Rinaldi, Oscar Lithgow-Serrano, Alejandra López-Fuentes, Socorro Gama-Castro, Yalbi I. Balderas-Martínez, Hilda Solano-Lira, Julio Collado-Vides 25-31
Warnings and Recommendation System for an E-Learning Platform PDF
Camilo Peñuela, Elizabeth León, Jonatan Gómez 33-42
Bi-variate Wavelet Autoregressive Model for Multi-step-ahead Forecasting of Fish Catches PDF
Nibaldo Rodriguez, Lida Barba 43-49
Location Privacy-Aware Nearest-Neighbor Query with Complex Cloaked Regions PDF
Tran Khanh Dang, Chan Nam Ngo 51-65
Cipher Image Damage: An Application of Filters PDF
Rolando Flores-Carapia, Víctor Manuel Silva-García, Benjamín Luna-Benoso, Carlos Rentería-Márquez 67-78
An Implementation of Propositional Logic Resolution Applying a Novel Specific Algebra PDF
Eduardo Zurek, Mayra Zurbaran, Margarita Gamarra, Pedro Wightman 79-84
Identification of Central Points in Road Networks using Betweenness Centrality Combined with Traffic Demand PDF
Rodrigo de Abreu Batista, Ana Lucia Cetertich Bazzan 85-91
Project Scheduling: A Memetic Algorithm with Diversity-Adaptive Components that Optimizes the Effectiveness of Human Resources PDF
Virginia Yannibelli, Analía Amandi 93-103
Journal Information and Instructions for Authors PDF

ISSN: 2395-8618