Vol 48 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF


Uncertainty Levels of Second-Order Probability PDF
David Sundgren, Alexander Karlsson 5-11
Triangle-Triangle Intersection Determination and Classification to Support Qualitative Spatial Reasoning PDF
Chaman L. Sabharwal, Jennifer L. Leopold, Douglas McGeehan 13-22
ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning PDF
Irosh Fernando, Frans A. Henskens 23-29
A Logic Programming Approach to the Conservation of Buildings Based on an Extension of the Eindhoven Classification Model PDF
Guida Gomes, Henrique Vicente, Joaquim Macedo, Victor Alves, José Neves 31-38
Merging Deductive and Abductive Knowledge Bases: An Argumentation Context Approach PDF
Juan Carlos Nieves, Helena Lindgren 39-46
Multiscale RBF Neural Network for Forecasting of Monthly Hake Catches off Southern Chile PDF
Nibaldo Rodriguez, Lida Barba, Jose Miguel Rubio L. 47-53
Supply Chain Management by Means of Simulation PDF
Borja Ponte, David de la Fuente, Raúl Pino, Rafael Rosillo, Isabel Fernández 55-60
A POS Tagger for Social Media Texts Trained on Web Comments PDF
Melanie Neunerdt, Michael Reyer, Rudolf Mathar 61-68
N-gramas sintácticos no-continuos PDF (Spanish)
Grigori Sidorov 69-78
More Effective Boilerplate Removal - the GoldMiner Algorithm PDF
István Endrédy, Attila Novák 79-83
Journal Information and Instructions for Authors PDF

ISSN: 2395-8618