Open Loop Control of a Hysteretic System with an Inverse Volterra with a DC Component

Vladimir Cortés Lerin, Juan Alejandro Vazquez Feijoo, Rodrigo Arturo Marquet Rivera, Guillermo Urriolagoitia Sosa, Beatriz Romero Angles, Guillermo Urriolagoitia Calderon


This work proposes an open loop control for sensor systems with hysteresis. This control is achieved by the use of an equalization strategy consisting in connecting in tandem the system with its inverse Volterra. For real cases hysteresis is associated with the interchange of mechanic-electric energy in the sensing process. Though these systems are amplitude dependent, they still can be treated as Wiener kind systems and therefore a Postinverse Volterra can be built. A simulated accelerometer shows how to implement this control.


Nonlinera systems, hysteresis, associated linear equations, Volterra transform

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