DCQSH: Dynamic Conflict-Free Query Scheduling in Heterogeneous Networks during Emergency

V. Ramasamy, B. Gomathy, Joy Lal Sarkar, Chhabi Rani Panigrahi, Bibudhendu Pati, Abhishek Majumder


There can be disasters such as tsunami, fire-related incidents, etc. in several ways. Mobile devices and the cloud occupy a significant position in connectivity and relief operations in these circumstances. This would be more important an efficiently performing query facility in mobile devices in a crisis situation. To achieve the mentioned facility, a Dynamic conflict-free query scheduling approach for heterogeneous networks during the emergency situation (DCQSH) is suggested in this paper. DCQSH is specifically built to schedule queries for the heterogeneous communication networks. DCQSH's key feature would be that it can optimize the query efficiently and often operates with complex tasks and adjusts the query rate without rebuilding the existing transfer schedule. DCQSH operates within heterogeneous networks, as it could accommodate the condition where the mobile devices become low energy-efficient on the networks. The experimental findings reveal that DCQSH outperforms in a heterogeneous scenario in terms of its relation to baseline algorithms. MATLAB framework was utilized to validate the simulation performance.


Disasters, mobile device, networks, parallel, distributed

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