Fuzzy Differential Equations as a Tool for Teaching Uncertainty in Engineering and Science

Nohe R Cazarez-Castro, Mauricio Odreman-Vera, Selene L Cardenas-Maciel, Hector Echavarria-Heras, Cecilia Leal-Ramírez


This paper presents fuzzy differential equations in the context of teaching uncertainty in engineering and science. Moreover, the Cauchy problem is discussed as case of study to understand the importance of fuzzy differential equations as a natural way to model uncertainty in dynamical systems. The specific case of study reported in this paper is the Malthusian population dynamic model, which is solved by students both via analytical as well as computation al approaches as a result of applying problem-based learning teaching principles, and allowing to introduce the importance of uncertainty.


cauchy problem, engineering education, fuzzy differential equations, problem-based learning, uncertainty

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