Experimental Platform for Intelligent Computing (EPIC)

Javier A. Hernández-Castaño, Oscar Camacho-Nieto, Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Cornelio Yáñez Márquez


This paper presents the architecture and user interface of a novel Experimental Platform for Intelligent Computing (EPIC). Unlike the two most popular platforms (WEKA and KEEL), the proposed EPIC tool has a very friendly user interface, and offers some advantages with respect to existing tools for Intelligent Computing experiments. In particular, EPIC handles mixed and incomplete data directly, without preprocessing, and its architecture supports multi-target supervised classification and regression. It also contains a module for two dimensional dataset visualization, which includes the visualization of the decision frontier for several supervised learning algorithms.


Experimental Tools; EPIC; WEKA; KEEL; Intelligent Computing; Supervised classification

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