A Model to Develop SCADA Systems in Productive Environments

José Luis Ochoa Hernández, Mario Barcelo-Valenzuela, Federico Miguel Cirett-Galán, Ramón Alberto Luque-Morales


In the last decades, the development of industrial systems capable of processing large amounts of data in short time periods has become crucial. These systems are narrowly developed in Mexico due to their focused nature and complexity. They must be practical to use in diverse areas, such as production, where the system remotely controls and reports machine metrics in real time and reflect the status of it, on screens located on distance; they should also be capable of providing historical data when required. This article presents a model created to develop SCADA systems which was used in two projects 1) crushing and pulverization and 2) polishing and cleaning, both automated and raw material made from recycled glass. The system was validated and the results obtained were satisfactory, is expected to serve as a guideline for similar projects.


Industrial control systems, SCADA systems, development of information systems, support systems for decision making

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