Interactive System for the Analysis of Academic Achievement at the Upper-Middle Education in Mexico

Guillermo G. Molero-Castillo, Gabriel A. Maldonado-Hernández, Carmen Mezura-Godoy, Edgard I. Benítez-Guerrero


In recent years, there is an interest to find new ways to analyze and process data from different sources. One of these ways is through user-centered data mining, based on the fundamentals of the usability engineering and accessibility. The academic achievement, at Language and Communication and Mathematics, of students at the upper-middle education in Mexico was analyzed through a partitional clustering algorithm. A variety of academic achievements were observed, highlighting Insufficient and Elementary in the evaluated population, while Good and Excellent achievements were achieved by a reduced number of schools. This contrasts a notable difference between the achievements of the students, leading them to delay or stop their university studies because they obtain a certificate without the knowledge to pass the college entrance exams.


Academic achievement; data mining; interactive systems; user-centered design

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