Customer Relationship Management Systemic Model in Hotelier Sector: Are the Hotel Companies Gaining Benefits with Practices Oriented to the Relationship with the Clients?

Sandra Dinora Orantes Jiménez, Graciela Vázquez Álvarez, Ricardo Tejeida Padilla


As a possibly potent business strategy that can give significant economic benefits for hotelier sectors and other companies, the topic of customer relationship management has tempted the organizations throughout the 1990s to date. One of the big problems is that many hotels have not seen the results they expected with their practice. On the other hand, it is now spoken that has been changed from a transactional marketing to a relational marketing, criticized for being difficult to implement in practice. Based on information collected from small and medium-sized hotel companies of three stars, classification based on the new hotel classification.  The research findings show that the actual results being measured and achieved in hotelier sector are that the use of this type of strategy can allow hoteliers or companies to tailor special guest programs, services and promotions based on hotel guest preferences. The hotel can use the data collected in a program to identify the needs of customers across hotel chains to be able to use marketing that can be targeted at specific groups of people. It also gives hoteliers the opportunity to evaluate frequent guest programs, personalize their services and perform trend analysis. A program based in marketing relational is typically run by hotels and companies to collect guest information and transaction data for use and examining to allow hoteliers to see target groups that should be marketed too. Based on these transactions hotels can create and manage guest loyalty programs and reward schemes. This research approach is to appraise the impact of customer relationship management on customer profitability as mediated by customer loyalty and customer retention within the hotelier sector of Mexico, and specifically for those hoteliers classified like of three stars. A sample of 100 hotels three stars was interviewed as respondents in this study. The objective of the study was to find the impact relationship between effective customer relationship implementation, customer loyalty, and customer retention and customer profitability. The findings of the study add value to hotels three stars in Mexico, and provide some invaluable statistical results essential for hotel managers and owners to successfully enhance customer loyalty, customer retention and customer profitability. This study’s findings add to the body of knowledge and enable the managers of this sector to implement customer relationship management in the best shape possible, to match it with Mexican market-needs thereby creating more loyal customers.


Hotelier sector; customer retention; customer loyalty; customer profitability; relational marketing

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