0-1 Integer Programming for Computing Semi-Stable Semantics of Argumentation Frameworks

Mauricio Osorio, Juan Díaz, Alejandro Santoyo


Dung's abstract argumentation has been object of intense study not just for its relationship with logical reasoning but also for its uses within artificial intelligence. One research branch in abstract argumentation has focused on finding new methods for computing its different semantics. We present a novel method, to the best of our knowledge, for computing semi-stable semantics using 0-1 integer programming. This approach captures the notions of conflict freeness, acceptability, maximality with regard to set inclusion, etc., by 0-1 integer constraints. Additionally, this work also presents an empirical experiment to compare this novel approach with an answer set programming approach. Our results indicate that this new method performed well, and it has a great opportunity space for improving.


Argumentation frameworks; binary programming; answer set programming; semi stable semantics.

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