Fast and Efficient Palmprint Identification of a Small Sample within a Full Image

Carlos Francisco Moreno García, Francesc Serratosa


In some fields like forensic research, experts demand that a found sample of an individual can be matched with its full counterpart contained on a database. This found sample may present several characteristics that make this matching more difficult to perform, such as distortion and most importantly, a very small size. Several solutions have been presented intending to solve this problem, however, big computational effort or low recognition rate is obtained. In this paper, we present a fast, simple and efficient method to relate a small sample of a partial palmprint to a full one using elemental optimization processes and a voting mechanic. Experimentation shows that our method performs with a higher recognition rate than the state of the art method, when trying to identify palmprint samples with a radius as small as 2.64 cm.


Sub-Image Registration; Hough Method; Candidate Voting; Hungarian Algorithm

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