Business Process Models Clustering Based on Multimodal Search, K-means, and Cumulative and No-Continuous N-Grams

Hugo Ordoñez, Luis Merchán, Armando Ordoñez, Carlos Cobos


Due to the large volume of process repositories, finding a particular process may become a difficult task. This paper presents a method for indexing, search, and grouping business processes models. The method considers linguistic and behavior information for modeling the business process. Behavior information is described using cumulative and no-continuous n–grams. Grouping method is based on k-means algorithm and suffix arrays to define labels for each group. The clustering approach incorporates mechanisms for avoiding overlapping and improve the homogeneity of the created groups using the K-means algorithm. Obtained results outperform the precision, recall and F-measure of previous approaches.


Clustering; business process models; multimodal search; cumulative and no-continuous n-grams

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