PC Based Open Control Architecture for Mechatronic Systems

Miguel G. Villarreal-Cervantes, Daniel De-la-Cruz-Muciño, Jesus Said Pantoja-García, Gabriel Sepúlveda-Cervantes


In this paper, an open control architecture for mechatronic systems is designed based on a personal computer (PC). This architecture is a low cost one with the flexibility, reconfigurability and versatility for carrying out a broad variety of tasks in a simple manner. This architecture can provide theoretical and practical teaching for some courses in engineering and postgraduate studies. In addition, this architecture can be useful in research for fast experimental implementation of diverse control laws. The simulation and experimental results show the performance of the open control architecture in a SCARA robot with a computed torque control for trajectory tracking.


Open architecture; didactic robot; SCARA robot; robotics; control of mechatronic systems

Full Text: PDF (Spanish)


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