Cipher Image Damage: An Application of Filters

Rolando Flores-Carapia, Víctor Manuel Silva-García, Benjamín Luna-Benoso, Carlos Rentería-Márquez


In this paper, color images are encrypted and subsequently damage occlusion is made to the encrypted figures, with different sizes; the intention is to simulate an attack. In this research, two aspects are discussed, namely: the first is to encrypt images with quality; that is, the figures encrypted pass randomness tests proposed in this paper. The second aspect deals with the problem of recovering the encrypted figure information when it has been damaged. To retrieve information from encrypted images, the enryption of images is carried out in two steps: in the first a permutation is applied to the entire image and the second uses the AES cryptosystem with variable permutations. To perform this task an algorithm is used that utilizes the pi number to generate the permutations. To improve the sharpness of the deciphered figures with damage two filters are applied; median and average. To measure the degree of improvement in the damaged images two tests are proposed; the first is the correlation coefficient between adjacent pixels in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions. The second is based on the information entropy.


AES with variable permutations; goodness-of-fit test; fourier transform; correlation; entropy of information; median and mean filters

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