Mobile ACORoute—Route Recommendation Based on Communication by Pheromones

Carla S. G. Pires, Marilton S. de Aguiar, Paulo R. Ferreira


Urban mobility problems affects the vast majority of cities nowadays. Thus, systems that provide real time information to assist in planning routes and choosing the most appropriate paths are essential to make transport more effective. As an alternative solution to problems related to mobility in cities, there are the so-called Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which include the Route Recommendation Systems (RRS) and methodologies for congestion prediction that combine Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve the quality of transport systems. In this context, this work proposes the use of pheromone-based communication for building an ITS that offers information about real time traffic flow, taking into account the mobility of vehicles and passengers and the traffic dynamics. The general goal is to provide an Android solution able to suggest users routes calculated by the hybrid algorithm between A* and pheromone mechanism. The idea is to avoid areas of heavy traffic congestion.


Route recommendation systems; intelligent transportation systems; pheromone-based communication

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