Integración de fuentes heterogéneas de datos textuales

Benina Velázquez Ordoñez, Jesús Manuel Olivares Ceja, Miguel Patiño Ortíz, Julián Patiño Ortíz, Adolfo Guzmán Arenas


This paper proposes an alternative to data integration from heterogeneous sources or databases. In some cases, inconsistencies may occur, and in others, the schema lacks of any attribute or entity to store the data. Some inconsistencies are consequence of using a language different with the one employed in the schema definition; others are due to the use of distinct units of measure. The object-oriented model provides characteristics that facilitate the class reuse and extension. The samples are obtained from heterogeneous Web sources belonging to the domain of computer equipment. Integration involves entities, attributes, values, and units of measurement.


Data integration; information sharing; information exchange; object oriented databases

Full Text: PDF (Spanish)


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