Thematic Section: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Ansel Y. Rodríguez-González, Humberto Perez-Espinosa, José Francisco Martínez-Trinidad, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Arturo Olvera-López


This thematic section of Computación y Sistemas (CYS) contains a selection of seven papers presenting advances in the field of Pattern Recognition (PR).  Pattern recognition is a branch of computer science focused on the study of algorithms and methodologies for identifying patterns within data. It encompasses the development of computational models and techniques that enable machines to recognize regularities, structures, or trends in diverse datasets. This field plays a crucial role in applications such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning, contributing to advancements in automation, decision-making, and artificial intelligence systems. The guest editors meticulously curated the seven papers featured in this thematic section. Each manuscript underwent thorough evaluation by a minimum of three members of the scientific committee. Reviewers assessed various aspects such as originality, contribution to the field, soundness, and technical quality in determining the acceptance of a paper. Subsequent paragraphs offer an overview of the papers comprising this volume.

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