Development of Agricultural Knowledge Graphs through the Reuse of Ontologies

Fernando Pech-May, German Rios-Toledo


Agriculture plays a very important role due to economic and food dependence. This sector generates large volumes of data represented in the form of text, tables, etc., which lacks meaning or value to be used in decision making by agricultural entrepreneurs, government agencies or researchers in the area. Due to the need to generate agricultural knowledge, some organizations, led by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, implement technologies to structure and formalize knowledge through semantic resources. This has led to the development of a large amount of agricultural semantic resources. However, these resources have been developed with characteristics such as climate, soil, relief, vegetation, fauna and hydrology of a particular country or region, which makes it impossible to use them in another country. Since in Mexico, agriculture is an important sector, it is necessary to make semantic resources of the most common crops in Mexico. This article presents the development of 3 semantic resources of the most common crops in Mexico through the reuse of existing ontologies in the literature.


Ontology agriculture; agricultural knowledge base; agricultural knowledge graphs

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