Math Word Problem Solving: Operator and Template Techniques with Multi-Head Attention

Sandip Sarkar, Dipankar Das, Partha Pakray, David Eduardo Pinto-Avendaño


The present article introduces an extensive approach that effectively addresses math word problems by leveraging the benefits of operator and intermediate template techniques with multi-head attention. Our method identifies a vital relationship between the mathematical statements and their corresponding mathematical equations. We examine the intricacies associated with math word problems containing multiple unknown variables, as they pose unique challenges compared to those with a single unknown variable. Furthermore, we extensively analyze math word problems involving fundamental mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. In our experimental setup, we employ a sophisticated mechanism that leverages multi-head attention and enables our model to selectively focus on different aspects of the input, allowing it to capture the most relevant and recent information necessary for solving the problems more accurately. Our aim is to create a system that assists non-native English students throughout their academic endeavors. Our system is specifically designed to support them in effectively solving a broad spectrum of mathematical word problems.


Math word problems, operator-based techniques, template-based techniques, multi-head attention

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