Building a Data Warehouse for Social Media: Review and Comparison

Maha Ben Kraiem, Jamel Feki


The considerable development experienced by the technologies in recent decades has led to the emergence of relatively simple panoply of Internet applications based on open source software, and services designed to improve online collaboration to the large public as: social networking sites. These social networks have revolutionized the ways of interacting and exchanging information on the Internet. Millions of users interact frequently and share variety of digital content with each other. They express their feelings and opinions on every topic of interest. These opinions carry import value for personal, academic and commercial applications, but the volume and the speed at which these are produced make it a challenging task for decision makers and the underlying technologies to provide useful insights to such data. In order to benefit from the data issued from these social networks, many researchers focused on helping companies understand how to perform a competitive analysis and transform these data into knowledge for decision makers.In this paper, we provide a literature review on data warehouse approaches from social networks. More precisely, we start by introducing the main concepts of data warehouse and social networks. We also propose three classes of data warehouse approaches and expose for each one the most representative existing works. Afterward, we propose a comparative study of the existing works.


Data warehouse; social media; multidimensional model; OLAP, BI

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