Colorization of Monochrome Hyperspectral Images

Martín A. Vazquez-Castrejon, Omar Palillero-Sandoval, J. Jesús Escobedo-Alatorre, Pedro A. Márquez-Aguilar, José A. Marbán-Salgado, Jonny P. Zavala-De Paz, Alvaro Zamudio-Lara, E. Eduardo Antúnez-Cerón, Francisco A Castillo-Velasquez, Carlos Rodríguez-Donate


Hyperspectral images have been used for several years, since the information they provide is very useful in many areas of science. The present work focuses on the visualization of hyperspectral images of the visible range in the RGB color space. The images were obtained using a hyperspectral imaging system (HIS) that was built in the laboratory and a monochrome image sensor was used to capture the images. The visualization process was achieved by means of an algorithm programmed in MATLAB for the coloration of the monochrome images and the comparison of the colored images with images captured in the same wavelengths with an RGB sensor was carried out.


MATLAB, RGB, monochrome imaging, Imaging System, hyperspectral imaging

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