Power Spectral Analysis of Bioacoustic Signals Emitted by a Bottlenose Dolphin when Performing Assisted Therapy

Erika Yolanda Aguilar del Villar, Mario Alberto Sánchez Flores, Jesús Jaime Moreno Escobar, Oswaldo Morales Matamoros, Ricardo Tejeida Padilla


To understand the origin of the benefits of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy (DAT), it is important to know the factors that intervene during it, as well as the patient’s reactions to these factors. The purpose of this work is to measure the frequencies emitted by the dolphin through the use of specialized transducers for aquatic environments, which allow us to measure the sound waves coming from the dolphin. In this way, it is sought to know the real time in which they were emitted and the spectral density of these frequencies.


Power spectral analysis, bioacoustic signals, bottlenose dolphin, dolphin assisted therapy.

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