Pictographic Representation of the Toki Pona Language for Use in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems

Rigoberto Cerino Jiménez, David Eduardo Pinto Avendaño, Sergio Vergara Limon


This article presents an analysis of the association of pictograms with a minimal expression communication language. This analysis has the purpose of determining if it is possible to build a data set that allows expressions in natural language based on concepts for use in augmentative and alternative communication systems. To carry out this activity, it is necessary to verify the degree of link between the set of pictograms that express concepts and the chosen minimal expression language, in this case, Toki Pona. The degree of linkage is determined using questionnaires on a target population, which makes it possible to validate whether there is indeed a direct association between the vocabulary and the grammar of Toki Pona, with respect to the concepts of the pictograms. This analysis opens up the opportunity to use the resource as an expression mechanism when using certain types of technologies, such as electroencephalographic (EEG) reading devices, which could be used to infer whether a person is thinking about a certain concept.


Toki Pona, pictogram, concept

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