Semi-Automatic Creation of Ontologies from Unstructured Pedagogical Texts to Assist in Significant Learning

Yuridiana Alemán, María J. Somodevilla, Darnes Vilariño


This article shows the advances of an methodology for ontological learning research applied to a pedagogical subdomain. The main proposal focuses on the use of Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval techniques in all phases of ontological learning process. For analysis, Spanish language, with resources related to significant learning and the personalization of teaching were used. Theoretical elements that are considered important to help in synchronous learning are analyzed: learning styles, types of intelligences and learning strategies. In particular, this work describes the final step (evaluation) through a handcrafted process for building ontologies and the comparison with the obtained results using the semi automatic methodology. Results show a high level of similarity between both process, making the methodology viable to apply to other subdomains of the pedagogical area.


Ontology learning, pedagogical domain, significant learning, learning styles, intelligent types, learning strategies

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