Knowledge Condensation Model to Support Expertise Location in Software Development

José Ramón Martínez García, Ramon René Palacio Cinco, Francisco Edgar Castillo Barrera, Juan Carlos Cuevas Tello, Gilberto Borrego


inding relevant expertise is a critical need in software organizations since developers use it to support their knowledge needs. Developers accumulate expertise from the technologies they used, and the problems solved within projects (e.g., bug solving, requirements, architecture design). However members of the organizations do not benefit from this expertise, so knowing how to model it then could grant access to the best practices, training practices, and data across applications. In this work, we present a model that implements the knowledge condensation concept to capture exprtise during the software developing process, which aims to classify, retrieve, and share valuable knowledge among stakeholders in an unsuitable form for its recovery.  The model consists of three modules: formal grammar, semantic knowledge, and expertise tools. In the formal grammar module, an approach is made to formalize the description of how developers store and share their knowledge. An architectural knowledge model is proposed in the semantic knowledge module. Finally, in the module of expertise tools, two prototypes were developed using the elements from the semantic knowledge module.


knowledge representation; software development; architectural knowledge

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