Volume Measurement System Based on Hall Effect Sensors Circularly Coupled and Arranged in a Quadrature Shape

Juan Carlos Martínez Espinosa, Fidel Córdoba Valdes, Juan de Dios Ortiz Alvarado, Marcos Alberto Rodriguez Martinez, Marcos Leonardo Fuentes Avila, Rafael Guzman Cabrera


In this research work, a compact electronic system for measuring volumes in generic cylindrical containers was designed and developed. The system is based on a circular arrangement composed of four Hall effect sensors A1324 and arranged in the form of a quadrature. The theoretical volume calculations obtained based on the angle of inclination of the float for a cylindrical container were correlated with a polynomial function of order 3 with an R2 = 0.99. The analog voltage signal correlated with the theoretical volume was digitized through a microcontroller and a ZigBee transceiver was used as a data transmission channel and through a ZigBee Xbee ZB24 transceiver was used for information transfer. The experimental and theoretical results obtained corroborate a highly accurate and reliable measurement system, which can be applied to different containers and different types of fluids that are to be monitored remotely. Finally based on the theoretical model, this system could be scaled to cylindrical containers of greater capacity without modifying the conditions of the electronic system with the array of Hall effect sensors.


Magnetic sensor, Hall effect, volume measurement, ZigBee protocol

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