A New Lexical Resource for Evaluating Polarity in Spanish Verbal Phrases

Belém Priego Sánchez


Nowadays, a very small number of lexical resources that can be employed in the particular task of determining polarity for Spanish verbal phrases exist in literature and linguistic resource databases. Therefore, it is needed to increase efforts towards the construction of this kind of lexical resources since they will have a very positive impact when creating computational modules for the automatic understanding of Spanish language. In this paper, we present a new manual annotated corpus for the news genre, made up of sentences contain ingeach a verbal phrase. The supervised corpus has been annotated with respect to polarity and the verbal phrase compositionality or non-compositionality, thus leading to have a very interesting lexical resource for identify ingpolarity in Spanish verbal phrases, so as to determine whether or not a given verbal phrase has a figurative or literal meaning. In addition, we present a lexicon of verbal phrases which indicates the estimate of it to be compositional.


Polarity, verbal phrases, lexical resources

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