PS I Love You: Privacy Aware Sentiment Classification

Hugo Alatrista Salas, Hugo Cordero, Miguel Nunez del Prado


At first glance, one might think that people are aware of the availability of comments or posts on social networks. Therefore, one may believe that people do not share sensitive information on public social networks. None theless, people’s posts sometimes reveal susceptible information. These posts include mentions the use of drugs or alcohol, sexual preferences, intimate confessions and even serious medical conditions like cancer or HIV. Such privacy leaks could cost someone to get fired or even worse to be avictim of denial insurance or bad credit evaluations. In this paper, we propose a complete process to performa privacy-preserving sentiment analysis trough Bloom filters. Our approach shows an accuracy difference between 1% and 3% less than their classic sentiment analysis task counter part while guarantying a private aware analysis.


Privacy, sentiment analysis, disclosure risk, information loss, bloom filter

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