KeyVector: Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction Using Weighted Topic via Semantic Related

Alymzhan Toleu, Gulmira Tolegen, Rustam Mussabayev


Keyphrase extraction is a task of automatically selecting topical phrases from a document. We present KeyVector, an unsupervised approach with weighted topics via semantic relatedness for keyphrase extraction. Our method relies on various measures of semantic relatedness of documents, topics and keyphrases in the same vector space, which allow us to compute three keyphrase ranking scores: global semantic score, find more important keyphrases for a given document by measuring the semantic relation between documents and keyphrase embeddings; topic weight, pruning/selecting the candidate keyphrases on the topic level; topic inner score, ranking the keyphrases inside each topic. Keyphrases are then generated by ranking the values of combined three scores for each candidate. We conducted experiments on three evaluation data sets of different length documents and domains. Results show that KeyVector out performs state of the art methods on short, medium and long documents.


Keyphrase extraction, clustering, topic modeling, semantic relatedness, text mining

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