Meteorological Portable System Consulted via Wi-Fi

José de Jesús Medel Juárez, Romeo Urbieta Parrazales, Víctor Garduño Mendieta


We present a portable meteorological acquisition device that transfers online measuring data via Wi-Fi. Taking into account the Arduino Development Tools, the Emergence of Programmable Devices, both available in the Internet of Things (IoT) market which permitting selecting the Shield Group technologies, integrated as a Meteorological Portable Station, measuring temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, rain, dew point, wind, and its direction. This station allows recognizing the weather in a specific zone [19] through its portable conditions, obtaining the information captured and ordered in a specific form, sending it through Wi-Fi to a server and of it, to an international weather system via the Internet concentrated in the cloud. The portable station has an international certification with the identification number ICIUDADD206 in Weather-Underground, given by its uncertainty levels. Therefore, it is a tool required to specify meteorological conditions in a zone, and not only to use the global satellite results [20, 24].



Meteorology, measurement, data adquisition, Wi-Fi system, IoT device

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