Digital Thermal Image Processing to Identify Bone Propagation Characteristics

Eduardo Perez Careta, Teodoro Cordova Fraga, Marysol Garcia Perez, Jose Hernandez Delgado, Christian Gómez Solís, Rafael Guzman Cabrera


In this paper we present the results of experiments performed in segments of beef bone on the conditions associated with the propagation of sound. Thermal image processing is used. The proposed method consists of the separation of the image in its main channels and a complementary binary image is constructed according to the threshold weighted by each of these grayscale images. The experimental part was carried out in a set of images varying the exposure time of the sample. The results obtained allow us to see the feasibility of the proposed methodology, as well as its application to identify some type of condition such as osteoporosis.


Image processing, sound propagation, bone

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