Educational Methodology Based on Active Learning for Mechatronics Engineering Students: towards Educational Mechatronics

Luis F. Luque Vega, Emmanuel Lopez Neri, Anayeli Santoyo, Jorge Ruíz Duarte, Neín Farrera Vázquez


The world is experiencing a new stage, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or also called Industry 4.0, which promotes the digital revolution of industries through the use of artificial intelligence and the internet of things; this revolution will generate new jobs. This work proposes the creation of Educational Mechatronics, which is an educational methodology that aims to develop the skills and abilities requiredby the jobs of the new industrial era by promoting the analytical thinking as a previous step for wardcritical thinking competence, allowing to generate solutions and innovative proposals for problems of industrial automation and automatic process control that companies from the industrial sector experience nowadays. The educational mechatronics integrates the Educational Model of the University, resourcesand existing academic spaces, practical activities and mechatronic prototypes focused on promoting the critical thinking of Mechatronic Engineering students through active learning. In addition, it is sought that with the inclusion of the Educational Mechatronics the levelof attraction of the students for their career will be increased by having an intensive active participation in experimental sessions and thus reduce the percentage of student desertion. The fore coming engineers need tobe trained with an innovative educational methodology since they will be in charge of strengthening and promoting the next technological revolution Industry 4.0, promoting new business and the social and economic development of the countries.


Educational methodology, mechatronics, robotics

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