A Systematic Review of the Use of Neuroanatomical Patterns based on Magnetic Resonance

Margarita Pineda Arana, Jesús Jaime Moreno Escobar, Claudia Lizbeth Martínez González


Mental illnesses are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in the Mexican adult population, it is manifesting in early stages such as adolescence, at least 25% of the Mexican adult population covers the criteria of some disorder, affecting the biological, socialenvironment, environmental and psychological of those who suffer from it.   The main objective of this analysis is to systematically assess the feasibility of creating biomarkers based on images from MRI by means of multivariate patterns to identify characteristics that can differentiate a person who has a mental illness with a regular control person.


Neuroimaging, schizophrenia, support vector machines, neuroimaging analysis, diffusion tensor image

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