Using Ontology Network for Interoperation of Product Industrial Data Standards

Alvaro Luis Fraga, Marcela Vegetti, Horacio Pascual Leone


Industries across the world have suffered the consequences that brings the globalization. These phenomenon impacts on the competitive capacity of industries, forcing them to integrate their production processes with other geographically distributed industries. Hence, Industries must reorganize and find suitable ways to share the common models that handle their information systems. One of the organizations that has contributed most to solving this problem is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), particularly speaking of the Committee 184/Subcommittee 4, which is dedicated to publish industrial product data standards, but most of these standards are not interoperable with each other. In this paper we present a solution for achieving semantic interoperability between different data models. For this purpose, the ontology network structure and a case study are presented, demonstrating that the proposal has the capacity to achieve semantic interoperability for standards, models and vocabularies for the manufacturing industry.


Interoperability, ontology, industrial data

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