Multiobjective Optimization of Chemical Processes with Complete Models using MATLAB and Aspen Plus

Abel Briones Ramírez, Claudia Gutiérrez Antonio


The design of chemical processes has to consider the delivery of products with high quality, minimum energy requirements and minimum impact to the environment. In order to design chemical processes with the minimum energy requirements several researchers have been focus their efforts in the development of optimization strategies. Regardless the optimization technique used, it is necessary a model of the chemical process. Some works consider the use of reduced models, which are more simple and easy to implement. Another studies employ complete models, usually linking the optimization strategies to chemical processes simulators through Excel®; however, the information to make this link directly between the chemical process simulator and the optimization strategy neither is nor reported yet. Thus, in this work we propose a procedure to perform the link between MATLAB® and Aspen Plus® processes simulator. We present the information requirements, information flows and the communication commands. Also, instructions to generate automatically the bkp files of the optimal designs are described. It is worth to mention that with this procedure any optimization strategy can be used.


MATLAB®, Aspen Plus®, linking procedure

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