Medical Assistant: A Mobile Application for Medication Prescription

Silverio Pérez Cáceres, Abner Reyes Ramírez, Efrén Morales Mendoza, Carlos Rodríguez Flores, Nayely Morales Ramírez


The use of a software application, designed to support medical specialists in the selection of the drug to be prescribed, is presented and evaluated. The “Medical Assistant” application evaluates the patient's data and through a decision tree, obtained from the administering of this data mining technique on the information of successful cases in the prescription of medicines, suggests the most appropriate medication according to the patient's data. In this initial version only the information of patients with Allergic Rhinitis was considered; Surveys were conducted to know the opinion of the specialists regarding the use of the application, which results revealed that specialists evaluated the use of the Medical Assistant in a range from regular to good.


Data mining, allergic rhinitis, decision tree, prescription of drugs

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