Extraction of the Underlying Structure of Systematic Risk from Non-Gaussian Multivariate Financial Time Series Using Independent Component Analysis: Evidence from the Mexican Stock Exchange

Rogelio Ladrón de Guevara Cortés, Salvador Torra Porras, Enric Monte Moreno


Regarding the problems related to multivariate non-gaussianity of financial time series, i.e., unreliable results in extraction of underlying risk factors -via Principal Component Analysis or Factor Analysis-, we use Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to estimate the pervasive risk factors that explain the returns on stocks in the Mexican Stock Exchange. The extracted systematic risk factors are considered within a statistical definition of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), which is tested by means of a two-stage econometric methodology. Using the extracted factors, we find evidence of a suitable estimation via ICA and some results in favor of the APT.


Extraction techniques, underlying risk factors, independent component analysis, arbitrage pricing theory, mexican stock exchange

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