Kids and Parents Privacy Exposure in the Internet of Things: How to Protect Personal Information?

Maria G. Vallejo, Gabriela E. Muñoz, Jonathan Hernando Rosales


The paradigm of communication “anywhere, any way and at any time” of mobile and universal computing extends to “anything, any person and anyservice” with the Internet of Things (IoT). There are more and more users adopting these technologies that generate significant ammounts of information. However, there are individuals and institutions (public and private) that seek to triangulate some of this information with various purposes, not always with good intentions. Most people are un aware of the threats that exist on-line, and it is unlikely for them to seek protection from something they ignore. This paper seeks to bring awareness towards the risks that exist when providing personal information on-line, particularly by pointing out some advice for the protection of sensitive data regarding children and their families. A broad description of how mexican parents deal with their children’s activities on the internet is the starting point for a culture of awareness, education and protection of the children’s information security and privacy on-line.


Exposure, family, internet, IoT, risk, social networks

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