Ontological Modeling of POHUA: An Institutional Knowledge Repository

Esteban Castillo, Ofelia Cervantes Villagómez, Maria Auxilio Medina Nieto, José Luis Zechinelli Martini


This paper presents an ontology-based proposal for a digital repository called POHUA. The relevance of this paper relies on the theoretical and practical description of the performed steps of an ontological design process: gathering domain specific metadata, discovering relevant classes, modeling relationships among these classes and creating instances that show the semantic expressiveness of a digital repository. For each step, all the aspects involved in a knowledge representation tool (Protégé) are presented and discussed pointing out main highlights. The paper’s main contribution includes a characterization of a specific university repository, the extraction and analysis of concepts and the specification of properties, restrictions and rules that represent all the key aspects associated to the deployment of an institutional repository.


Open access repositories, ontologies, protégé, OWL, RDF, metadata, classes, relationships, instances

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