Is Natural User Interaction Really Natural? An evaluation of gesture-based navigating techniques in Virtual Environments

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros, Josefina Guerrero García, Claudia González, Eduardo Galicia


Many interaction techniques have been developed for virtual worlds including the use of novel devices. Nowadays, technological development has placed us in a time where the interaction devices are no longer available just to high technology laboratories. In this context, today we can develop solutions for natural user interfaces and its massive adoption presents research challenges. In this paper we analyze the use of gesture-based interaction for the navigation of virtual worlds. For them we have created a virtual world and contrasted the use of interactive interfaces based on gesture of hands or body, as well as interaction based on mouse and keyboard. The results found indicate that the natural is not as it is even though we imitate what we do in real life.


Natural User Interface; Interactive system; Gesture Recognition; Evaluation; Body Language

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