A Heuristic Approach to Detect and Localize Text on Arabic News Video

Sadek Mansouri, Mbarek Charhad, Mounir Zrigui


Automatic text detection in video sequences remains a challenging problem due to the variety of sizes, colors and the presence of complex background. In this paper, we attempt to solve this problem by proposing a robust detection–validation schema for text localization in Arabic news video. Candidate text regions are first detected by using a hybrid method which combines MSER detector and edge information. Then, these regions are grouped using morphological operators. Finally, a verification process is applied to remove noisy non-text regions including specific features for Arabic text. Performance and efficacy of the proposed text detection approach have been tested By using Arabic-Text-in-Video database (AcTiV-DB).


Arabic text detection, LSD, AcTiV-DB.

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