Vision System for the Navigation of a Mobile Robot

Griselda Saldaña González, Jorge Cerezo Sánchez, Mario Mauricio Bustillo Díaz, Apolonio Ata Pérez


In this paper the development of an object detection system in a controlled two-dimensional spaceusing computer vision techniques is presented. The detected objects have a rigid geometry and are exposedto real light; therefore, the system is robust to changesin lighting and shading. In order to handle the large amount of data to be processed in real time, a MyRIO device which contains an FPGA is used. This device allows communication with the LabVIEW software where the user interface resides. Using LabVIEW a tracking by color algorithm is implemented, in order to attend to are active agent, which uses an infrared sensor to detect the distance to an obstacle and perform the functions of foraging and storage. In order to improve performance, a supervisory system was implemented using a Kinect device that provides information relative to the position of the objects in the test area. This information allows eliminating occlusion problems.


Tracking, LabVIEW, color detection, mobile robot

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