Intelligent Case-based System for Decision-making in the Electricity Sector

Nayi Sánchez Fleitas, Raúl Comas Rodríguez, María Matilde García Lorenzo, Amanda Riverol Quesada


The energy is important for the economic development of nations; and one of the main challenges today. The Electrical Union develops two systems for the automatization of transmission and distribution process: the Integral System of Network Management (SIGERE) and the Integral Management System of the Electrical Industry Construction Enterprise (SIGECIE). The data collected facilitate and improve the efficiency in the operation, use, analysis, planning and management of the electricity networks. A weakness of the systems proposed is in the dissatisfaction with the queries carried out. Hence, the objective of the research is: to develop intelligent queries in real time, based on existing knowledge that facilitate decision making in the electrical energy transmission and distribution processes. In the research a case-based system is develop, that it’s based on the premise that similar previous problems will have similar solutions. The similarity between two cases is determined by the weighted sum of the distance of their traits and the calculation of the distance between traits was done according to its nature. The conceptual basis of the system is develop with a lightweight ontology which it is incorporated in the cases database as a trait. An intelligent real-time queries system for the Electric Union (SICUNE) was implemented, achieving the generation of automatic queries that allow the system to respond to any type of queries in real time. The experimental study showed the feasibility of the proposal


Electricity, case-based system, ontologies

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