Measurement, Characterization and Reconstruction of Computing Time and Transporting Time for Real-Time Telecontrol Systems

Jorge Salvador Valdez Martínez, Pedro Guevara López


In this paper we analyze and shown the process of measurement, characterization and reconstruction of times of a real-time telecontrol systemby its segmentation of computing time, transmission time and reception time of information over the Internet. Experimental analysis was made by a workbench's development with a client-server communication scheme to simulate the behavior and control of an electric motor; all measured times were characterized with the first moment and second moment of probability, the mean squared error was used to determine the adequate reconstruction method. For computing time reconstruction, fuzzy digital filtering or instrumental variable method was used. For transmission and reception times over Internet, was used the Kalman filter. Finally, with reconstructions obtained, we concluded that algorithms and methods used are acceptable to determine the dynamics of a time of computing and transmission a real-time telecontrol system.


Telecontrol, transport time, computing time, telecontrol time, reconstruction, real-time

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