Validating Design Patterns for Mobile Groupware Applications by Expert Users: a USAER Case

Huizilopoztli Luna-García, Ricardo Mendoza-González, Miguel Vargas Martin, Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga, Francisco J. Álvarez-Rodríguez, Laura C. Rodríguez-Martínez


The objective of this research work was to analyze the pertinence of a set of design patterns for mobile groupware applications. The pertinence of said contribution was supported by 11 participant members of an educational support group (USAER). The perception of expert users is commonly used in Human- Computer Interaction to improve and validate design strategies such as the proposed one. In this case the feedback provided by the participants helped to ensure that the knowledge offered by the set of patterns is adequate and accurate. A distilled feedback would lead to well-designed user interfaces for mobile groupware applications.


User interface, design patterns, mobile devices, groupware systems.

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