Modeling and Pose Control of Robotic Manipulators and Legs using Conformal Geometric Algebra

O. Carbajal-Espinosa, L. González-Jiménez, J. Obviedo-Barriga, B. Castillo-Toledo, A. Loukianov, E. Bayro-Corrochano


Controlling the pose of a manipulator involvesfinding the correct configuration of the robot’s elementsto move the end effector to a desired position and orientation.In order to find the geometric relationshipsbetween the elements of a robot manipulator, it is necessaryto define the kinematics of the robot. We presenta synthesis of the kinematical model of the pose forthis type of robot using the conformal geometric algebraframework. In addition, two controllers are developed,one for the position tracking problem and another for theorientation tracking problem, both using an error feedbackcontroller. The stability analysis is carried out forboth controllers, and their application to a 6-DOF serialmanipulator and the legs of a biped robot are presented.By proposing the error feedback and Lyapunov functionsin terms of geometric algebra, we are opening a newvenue of research in control of manipulators and robotlegs that involves the use of geometric primitives, suchas lines, circles, planes, spheres.


Serial manipulators, pose control, motors, conformal geometric algebra

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