Autonomous Motion Planning for Avatars Limbs

Cristian E. Boyain y Goytia Luna, Andres Mendez Vazquez, Marco Antonio Ramos Corchado


In this work, a new algorithm for autonomous avatar motion is presented. The new algorithm is based in the Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (RRT) and an appropriate ontology. It uses a novel approach for calculating the motion sequence planning for the different avatar limbs: legs or arms. First, the algorithm uses the information stored in the ontology concerning the avatar structure and the Degrees Of Freedom (DOFs) to obtain the basic actions for motion planning. Second, this information is used to perform the growth process in the RRT algorithm. Then, all this information is used to produce planning. The plans are generated by a random search for possible motions that respect the structural restrictions of the avatar on kinesiology studies. To avoid a big configuration space search, exploration, exploitation, and hill climbing are used in order to obtain motion plans.


Avatar, rapidly-exploring random tree, degree of freedom, ontology, kinesiology

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