Enrichment of Learner Profile with Ubiquitous User Model Interoperability

María de Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor, Miguel González-Mendoza, Ignacio Danvila Del Valle


Nowadays, there is a constant need of acquiring new knowledge and skills to keep up with the demands of changing environment. The design and development of training and educational systems that enable effective personalized learning help obtaining changing skills and fill competence gaps. The computational effort to create a user model that represents user’s knowledge, characteristics, interests, goals, background and preferences is repeatedly done by many systems and applications in several domains. Each system ends up with a partial view of the user. Researchers in user modeling foresee the need of sharing and reusing user model information in order to obtain a better understanding of the user and be able to provide personalized and proactive services. In this paper we present an application scenario of sharing and reusing information scattered in most commonly used applications to enhance learner profiles.


User modeling interoperability; learner profile enrichment

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