Nonminimum Phase System and Control Design Applied to MEM Parallel-Plates

Karen Alicia Aguilar Cruz, Romeo Urbieta Parrazales, José de Jesús Medel Juárez


The miniaturization or nanotechnology applied in control systems, redesigning various areas of science and technology where in researches requires using nanoforms improving the local responses, and at the same time, working in parallel and sequential nanosystems. These studies, name MEMs' Control, requires knowing the control parameters and ranges operation. Commonly used in classical control applied now, to the nanostructures to be controlled. In our case, we present an example consisting in a modern analysis control not yet realized; observing the evolution process trajectory control, and simulation of nano-displacements in a specific case viewed throughout linear and nonlinear evolution concerning parallel plates described as a system to be controlled. Operating ranges considered the mechanical forces in transition and deformation plastic region. Therefore, we propose a nonminimum-phase control technique because it is efficient, precise, and high-performance technique. Under these considerations, the control parameters selected going to embedded in a nano control device that adjusting the digital nanodevice used in nanofluids precision.


Parallel-plate characterization, phase advance control, nanotechnologies

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